Serratio Plus (International Exclusive) Serratio Plus (International Exclusive)

Serratio Plus (International Exclusive)

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SerratioPlus™ is exclusively available in some international markets through trusted distributors who partner with Enzyme Science to make this and other products available to their consumers. Customers located in China may purchase this product from here.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued in the United States by Enzyme Science. We are tremendously grateful to our many practitioners and consumers who have enjoyed the extraordinary quality offered by this formula, and we encourage these US customers to try MyoMend™, a similar proteolytic enzyme product. This discontinuation was a voluntary one by Enzyme Science to provide focus to our product portfolio. This item has never been recalled or subject to any FDA warning letters or other guidance documents.

We stand behind our quality, and any concerned customers are encouraged to contact us with any questions.


Serratiopeptidase's profound achievements are now being recognized worldwide. The numerous benefits this enzyme has demonstrated in laboratory settings include powerful fibrinolytic and caseinolytic properties.

This unique enzyme was initially discovered in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm where Serratia bacteria produce it. Since its discovery, the enzyme industry has perfected growing the in industrial settings to produce sufficient quantities for use therapeutically. Clinicians and researchers in Japan and Europe have taken advantage of these Serratiopeptidase sources for the past 40 years.

This product is not available in the USA. US customers are encouraged to try MyoMend™, a similar product with additional proteolytic enzymes.

Several studies have shown benefit to patients recovering from oral-surgeries where Serratiopeptidase supported healthy inflammatory responses Serratiopeptidase has also been shown to benefit women.

Serratio Plus contains a pH balanced Serratiopeptidase that eliminates the need for enteric coating and provides minerals for making this high potency formula easy on the stomach. Serratio Plus is formulated for those seeking the highest potency Serratiopeptidase available.

High Activity serratiopeptidase
Serratio Plus represents one of the most potent enzyme formulas available in the category.
Promotes healthy mobility
Supports joint function
Promotes robust responses to inflammation
Is easy on the stomach

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