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Digest Keto

The complete Keto diet digestive solution

The Keto Diet tends to be very disruptive to digestive function and can be associated with gas, bloating, and a change in bowel movement for many of its followers.

To help ease the discomfort and maximize the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet, Enzymedica offers Digest Keto.*

Each serving can digest up to 44g of fat and 20g of protein!

Digest Keto is a comprehensive solution offering digestive support for those on a Ketogenic Diet. It contains enzymes specifically designed to help the body break down and absorb fats and proteins.

  • High potency Lipase to break down fat*
  • High potency Protease to break down proteins*
  • Clinically tested Probiotics to promote a healthy microbiome*
  • Supports quick digestion for Keto Diets*
  • Relief of occasional constipation*

Digest Keto uses the Thera-blend™ technology to allow for digestion throughout the digestive tract.

Each enzyme has a slightly different optimal pH where it functions best in. By mixing enzymes within each major class of enzyme type, the Thera-blend process allows Digest Keto to work at a wide pH range.

Usage & Notes

Recommended dosage: 1 to 2 capsules just before a meal.

Digest Keto is the best choice for individuals looking to maximize the benefits while minimizing the discomfort of the Keto Diet.

One serving of Digest Keto has the power to break down many popular Keto meals, for example: one medium-size avocado and two eggs.

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