The Identify™ protocol

Many people suffer from digestive distress as a result of food intolerances. This is alarming enough, but what's more shocking is that most don't even realize the issue. All too frequently, people live in daily discomfort and frustration as they deal with an unidentified food intolerance.

The identify protocol is an exclusive technology developed by the Enzyme Science research team. It helps us to identify which enzyme formulation techniques are the most effective in addressing various food intolerances. This technology is present in all of our food intolerance products. We do not license this protocol to other manufacturers. The only place you can find it is from the experts at Enzyme Science.

All Enzyme Science digestive suite products contain the exclusive Identify protocol.

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Our Passion

The Identify formulation protocol is our expert touch. Combined with our eagerness to produce the best digestive health products available, and our unwavering attention to detail, you and your clients can rest easy knowing that you receive unmatched quality with Enzyme Science.

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