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Enzyme Science™, the premium choice, has made a commitment to excellence by providing individuals with high quality, innovative, science-based, supplements to support total health and well-being. We take pride in our natural products, and therefore we do not add any artificial fillers or binders to our formulations. We provide superior solutions, that are valuable to consumers when making lifestyle and dietary choices.

Gas & Bloating

Immune Support

Regularity Support

Occasional Heartburn

Lack Of Energy

Food Intolerances

What Doctors are saying about  Enzyme ScienceTM

"Critical Digestion is my 'go to' for digestive support with my patients. I see clinically significant results with improved digestion and nutrient absorption. I personally use it as well!"

Dr Apostolos Lekkos

"Enzyme Science digestive products are my go-to for patients suffering from digestive issues related to enzyme deficiencies and imbalances. I trust these products to have the best quality and efficacy for my patients so I can get the best outcomes in their treatment."

Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc

"The Lypo Optimize™ formula from Enzyme Science works well for our patients needing a complete enzyme formula that is both Vegan and Kosher."

Kasra Pournadeali, ND, FACN

"I have found that as promised, that when a broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula is needed, the Critical Digestion formula often yields results when others have not"

Tori Hudson, ND

When working to improve my diet I found that the shift in foods caused me to experience bloating and overall abdominal discomfort. I also found it took me a long time to digest my food which suppressed my appetite and left me very tired. After taking Complete Digestion regularly, I noticed a significant improvement in my abdominal symptoms, and even noticed that I was digesting faster, my appetite returned and I felt significantly less sluggish after eating! My husband even noticed my improvement so he started taking it for his indigestion and was happy with his results.

Christy Soto NMD

This product has been tremendously helpful for our family in dealing with food intolerance issues. We have tried several products, but we have felt better using Intolerance Complex than any other digestive enzyme formula. Thank you!

Cheryl Lindsey, CNC, CNHP, LE Owner, Director

I implemented this product with my clients a few months ago. There is no question that the results are astounding. We've had not one single client continue to have gastro issues after starting CRITICAL DIGESTION as part of their daily regimen. We are overjoyed at the results in our practice.

Dr. Marie Pace, Naturopath DNM, HHP, CNC

I have had great results with the product. A great aid in fat metabolism. I recommend taking it with Fat Soluble Vitamins.

Paulette Coates, DNM, BP, CRM

I have had digestive issues for years, and spent a lot of time and energy researching and trying various products. Critical Digestion is the only one that actually works for me and my clients. I now can enjoy eating food without pain.

Ellie Schamber, PhD

I have been recommending this product for my clients. I love that it has the enzymes plus probiotics and the price is great too. I will continue to stock over and over!

Nancy Knudson

I recommend this affordable and high quality digestive enzymes formula for all my clients. We are so lacking in enzymes and therefor we need the good quality enzymes! We have been using Enzyme Science products for years and we trust this brand so much that we do not use any other enzymes in our practice! Thank you for what you do as a company to help all of us stay healthy!

Masami Covey, FNTP

This product has been great in helping my over all gut health. I highly recommend it!

Gisella Carrick, Energy Healing Practitioner

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