Choosing Enzymes for Your Practice

Choosing Enzymes for Your Practice

Practitioners often ask us, “What should I look for when choosing enzyme products for my practice?”  This blog aims to succinctly answer that question, but first encourages you to identify the concerns you most frequently encounter.  Are your clients concerned with gut health and digestive challenges?  Or are they concerned with maintaining heart health, cognitive function, or something different altogether?  The answers to these questions hold the keys to deciding which enzyme formulas best suit your practice and patients’ needs. 

While structural issues may be causative factors in your patients’ health status, enzymes can still play valuable roles in their lives.  Whether they’re experiencing microflora imbalance, gut motility issues, occasional heartburn or acid indigestion, food cravings, food intolerances, immune system challenges, joint concerns, cardiovascular/circulatory matters, or are interested in healthy stem cell renewal, Enzyme Science has a product and protocol for you.

All Enzyme Science formulas contain pure, vegetarian enzymes with supportive functional ingredients but never contain any GMOs, colors, fillers, binders, excipients, or common allergens.  The purity of Enzyme Science products inherently enhances the safety of enzyme therapy. All Enzyme Science formulas contain Thera-blend enzymes, which are designed to perform along the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract, in acid, neutral and alkaline environments.  This process allows Enzyme Science formulas to break more bonds, and function over a broader pH range, ensuring maximum efficacy.*

To determine which product would be a best fit, refer to the quick reference chart below for fast assessment of our enzyme supplementation/support options.



If needing support for:

You may try:

Formula Highlights

Occasional Heartburn/Acid Indigestion*

Acid Calm

Our most soothing formula. Contains enzymes, herbs and Zinc Carnosine to encourage healthy GI mucosal lining*.

Occasional Gas, Bloating, Digestive Complaints*

Complete Digestion

Our gentle potency digestive support formula with 125 M. units of 8 strains of probiotics and ATPro™. For those wishing to start with a lower potency, yet still effective, enzyme supplement.

Great for those who eat small portions, enzyme-rich foods, or those not needing maximum enzyme support but still want to assist macronutrient breakdown, nutrient availability and overall healthy digestive function.* 

Occasional Gas, Bloating, Digestive Complaints*

Critical Digestion

Our highest potency full-spectrum digestive blend with 1 B. units of 8 strains of probiotics and ATPro. For those seeking maximum enzyme support for macronutrient breakdown, nutrient availability and healthy digestive function.* 

High amounts of lipase (and high enzyme potency in general) are ideal for those wishing to ease burden to the pancreas and gall bladder and assist with fat/EFA digestion.*

Food Intolerance Symptoms*

Intolerance Complex

Our Multiple Food Intolerance formula. Contains no probiotics, but includes the highest potencies of DPP-4, Lactase, Xylanase, Cellulase, and a-Galactosidase. These enzymes assist Gluten, Casein, Lactose, Phenol and specific Carbohydrate digestion.* 

Also contains additional enzymes and ATPro to aid with macronutrient breakdown and availability, as well as overall digestive health.*

Cardiovascular and circulatory health*

Nattokinase Pro

Features Thera-blend enzymes and 4000FU of Nattokinase, 4x more than the original formula, with NSK-SD®.   

NSK-SD is the only form of Nattokinase without Vitamin K2, two clinical trials indicated NSK-SD promoted heightened ability to dissolve blood clots and promote healthy blood pressure.*

Muscle Tissue and Joint Health*


A blend of heat-specific bromelain and papain along with Rutin, Serratiopeptidase, Nattokinase, Thera-blend Protease and minerals. 

This formula combines the widest variety of proteolytic enzymes, chosen for their ability to support a healthy inflammatory response.*

Stem Cell Health/Cognitive Function*

StemXCell Pro

Unique combination of Enzyme Science's enzyme expertise and a leading university’s stem cell research.  Formula includes patented NT-020 blend, scientifically shown to support healthy stem cell proliferation (~70% over control).*

Enzymes within this formula help assist uptake of NT-020 and provide additional antioxidant support4*  

Immune System Health*

Enzyme Defense Pro

Contains high-potency Catalase, Nattokinase, Serratiopeptidase, Mucolase™ and Protease Thera-blend enzymes along with vitamin D3, L-lysine, and minerals to support/promote healthy immune function.*

Healthy Microflora Balance*

Candida Control

Contains Cellulase and Protease Thera-blend enzymes with Broccoli seed extract and 1 B. units of 8 strains of shelf stable probiotics per dose, to encourage healthy microflora balance, while minimizing common cleansing discomforts.*

Research indicates that Sulforaphane can enhance detoxification activity of phase 2 liver enzymes (like glutathione S-transferases, glucuronyl transferases and quinone reductase). 5,6,7*

Aging concerns and preserving Telomere length* Telomere Pro™

 Astragalus root8 has been shown to boost energy and provides immune support, while research shows that Broccoli seed extract9 enhances the body’s tolerance to stress.* Rhodiola extract10 is often used for cellular protection and to boost enzyme activity.*

Vitamin D3 is known to boost the immune system11 and has been shown to have a positive correlation with telomere length.*



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