7 Simple Habits to Prioritize Cardiovascular Health

7 Simple Habits to Prioritize Cardiovascular Health

February is American Heart Month, the ideal time to talk to your patients about cardiovascular health. Read on for simple ways to prioritize heart health at any age and learn about a pair of Enzyme Science formulas that offer support for the cardiovascular system.*

  1. Get moving in a way that works for you. Aim to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week (meaning you can still carry on a conversation). Small bursts can add up, so don’t overlook short pockets of time! Remind your patients that walking is one of the most accessible and effective forms of exercise.
  2. Eat a heart-healthy diet. The Mediterranean diet is all over the news this year, thanks to its well-known cardiovascular benefits. Encourage patients to consume more vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits, and less saturated fat and processed foods.
  3. Stay hydrated. Our bodies are mostly water, and the cardiovascular system needs optimal hydration to maintain healthy blood flow, blood pressure and more. The old rule of drinking eight cups a day is largely outdated, but do encourage patients to drink before they feel thirsty (which can be a sign of mild dehydration). Plain water is best, but all fluids (except alcohol) can help.
  4. Stop using tobacco. This includes vaping, chewing tobacco and even secondhand smoke. It’s never too late to quit smoking.
  5. Know your numbers. A routine check-up can provide valuable information about your heart health. Blood pressure, fasting blood glucose and cholesterol levels are all important metrics that should be tracked over time. 
  6. Keep stress in check. Everyday stress impacts the body and the mind. Daily movement, social connections, a healthy work-life balance and healthy outlets like journaling, meditation and gardening can help manage stress.
  7. Get the rest you deserve. Adults need at least seven hours of sleep per day. Adequate rest ensures the body has time to repair and reset each night, and it is also a habit that’s important for cardiovascular well-being.

Additionally, two Enzyme Science formulas offer support for different aspects of cardiovascular health.*

Nattokinase Pro for Circulation and Heart Health*

This formula promotes healthy fibrin levels and contains patented NSK-SD® (with vitamin K2 removed).* It also includes calcium and magnesium, bromelain and supportive Thera-blend® enzymes.*

Nattokinase Pro™ is an enzyme blend for cardiovascular health.* Nattokinase helps maintain healthy levels of fibrin by encouraging healthy blood coagulation for optimal cardiovascular system function.* Made from the food natto, NSK-SD® is uniquely processed to remove all vitamin K2.

Lypo Optimize™ for Fat Digestion & Gallbladder Support*

With the highest-potency Lipase Thera-blend® plus amylase and protease to ensure proper nutrient absorption, Lypo Optimize™ is scientifically formulated for fat digestion and gallbladder support (including for those without a gallbladder).* Each serving digests 22 g fat in 30 minutes. It helps relieve indigestion associated with meals higher in dietary fat.* When taken on an empty stomach, it supports the cardiovascular system.*

How can it offer support in two ways? Timing. Digestive enzymes are taken with meals to help break down foods faster (for more energy and better nutrient absorption). Systemic enzymes are taken between meals on an empty stomach.* When they don’t have to help break down food, these enzymes can go beyond the digestive system, into the bloodstream – and to the specific cells and tissues that need their help.*