Boost Gut Health with GI + Biome Complex by Enzyme Science

Boost Gut Health with GI + Biome Complex by Enzyme Science

By Dr. Kate Leavens

Maintaining a healthy gut is essential for overall well-being, and GI + Biome Complex is here to support you.* This dietary supplement is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO, featuring scientifically studied ingredients like ButyraGen®, Lipase Thera-blend®, PepZinGI® zinc carnosine and organic golden kiwi.* These ingredients work together to promote mucosal integrity, maintain healthy gut bacteria and support butyrate production.*

Key Benefits

GI + Biome Complex helps maintain a healthy balance in the small and large intestine microbiome while supporting the integrity of the epithelial lining.* The prebiotic fibers in ButyraGen® promote butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut and reduce occasional gas.* Lipase Thera-blend® aids in the release of butyrate, Livaux® golden kiwi provides dietary fiber and PepZinGI® zinc carnosine helps rebuild mucosa. *This formula also promotes healthy motility.*

How It Works

Butyrate production is crucial for gut health. It serves as the primary energy source for colonocytes, promoting energy metabolism, intestinal homeostasis and immune function. ButyraGen® generates butyrate through tributyrin and prebiotic fibers, ensuring a steady supply regardless of the guts microbial population.* Lipase Thera-blend® ensures butyrate release throughout the digestive tract.* PepZinGI® zinc carnosine supports mucosal integrity without disrupting the digestive process.*

Ingredients in Focus

  • ButyraGen®: Combines tributyrin and prebiotic fibers to generate butyrate, supporting a healthy microbiome and reducing gas.*
  • Lipase Thera-blend®: Ensures butyrate release throughout the digestive tract, enhancing mucus production and gut lining thickness.*
  • PepZin GI® Zinc-Carnosine: A chelated combination that supports indigestion and mucosal integrity.*
  • Organic Golden Kiwi: Provides vitamin C, polyphenols and dietary fiber, supporting digestive health and reducing bloating.*

Why Choose GI + Biome Complex?

Enzyme Sciences GI + Biome Complex is a cutting-edge supplement designed to promote gut health.* With meticulously researched ingredients, it supports the healthy function and integrity of the gut, promoting a diverse microbiome and optimal gut health and vitality. 

Start your journey to better digestive health with GI + Biome Complex today.*

Recommended dose: 2 capsules, once a day. More may be taken as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.