Get to Know GI + Biome Complex, Our Newest Formula

Get to Know GI + Biome Complex, Our Newest Formula

We recently launched a new formula for healthy function and integrity of the intestines.* GI + Biome Complex helps promote mucosal integrity, helps maintain healthy gut bacteria and supports butyrate production.*

The early feedback we’ve received from health-care practitioners has been largely positive and exciting. We’ve heard this formula is something they’ve been waiting a long time for – and it’s something we’ve been eagerly awaiting to launch. Read on to learn more about what’s inside GI + Biome Complex and how the ingredients work synergistically.

What’s inside GI + Biome Complex?

GI + Biome Complex combines the scientifically studied ButyraGen® (with tributyrin and fiber), Lipase Thera-blend®, PepZinGI® Zinc-Carnosine and Livaux® organic golden kiwi. It’s formulated to promote a healthy balance in the small and large intestine microbiome, while supporting the epithelial lining’s integrity.*

The prebiotic fibers in ButyraGen® work synergistically to promote butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut, while reducing occasional gas – and promoting healthy motility.* Lipase Thera-blend® supports butyrate’s release, Livaux® golden kiwi provides dietary fiber and PepZinGI® zinc carnosine helps rebuild mucosa.*

Digestive function and comfort are imperative for overall health. That includes maintaining an optimal balance of healthy bacteria in the small and large intestine. As we often hear from the practitioners who trust our formulas with their patients, imbalances are not uncommon – and can cause unnecessary discomfort, a lower quality of life, unwanted weight loss and issues with nutrient assimilation. Complaints can include occasional abdominal discomfort, distention, diarrhea, constipation, gas and lethargy.

Think of GI + Biome Complex as a gut health revolution: By promoting a diverse microbiome and fortifying the intestinal lining, the formula transforms and restores, with cutting-edge ingredients backed by science.* With well-tolerated prebiotic fibers and the ability to generate the postbiotic butyrate, GI + Biome Complex helps individuals embark on a journey toward optimal gut health and vitality.*

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