How Brain Health is Connected to Gut Health*

How Brain Health is Connected to Gut Health*

Science has confirmed that gut feelings are real. The gut-brain axis delivers messages to and from the immune, nervous, endocrine and other systems, and hundreds of millions of neurons line the digestive tract. The enteric nervous system is the “gut brain,” and it has a direct connection to the brain and nervous system. 

What we do for the gut impacts the brain and vice-versa. Proper digestion and nutrient absorption can help promote a healthy balance in the gut microbiome. Certain supplements can also offer support. 

The gut microbiome feels the impact of both the nutrients in foods and how well they are digested, which is yet another reason to maintain adequate levels of digestive enzymes as we grow older. Lifestyle, age and genetic issues like lactose intolerance can influence the body’s natural supply of digestive enzymes.* Supplementing with digestive enzymes helps counteract incomplete digestion — and deal with the occasional digestive discomforts associated with enzyme insufficiency.

Diversity is key for a healthy intestinal microbiome. Probiotics are among the best-known ways to support the diversity and health of the gut microbiome, and they can also offer support for the brain.* When it’s functioning optimally, the gut microbiome supports digestion, immune function, removal of toxins and absorption of nutrients. Studies show that consuming the omegas EPA, DHA and DPA (such as in fish oil supplements) also promotes diversity in the microbiome.* 

When dealing with occasional heartburn, blocking or neutralizing acid isn’t ideal, as that stomach acid helps to properly digest food. We’re also learning about a connection between products that inhibit stomach acid and brain health. While more research is needed, alternatives do exist. Natural products that work with the body's digestive system may provide relief for occasional heartburn, without blocking stomach acid.*

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