How DGL Works for Digestive Relief & Repair*

How DGL Works for Digestive Relief & Repair*

For centuries, folk and traditional health systems around the globe have turned to licorice root. But despite its benefits for soothing digestive the digestive system, licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) posed potentially serious issues for some individuals when taken in the quantity needed for digestive
support.* Thankfully, in 1946, Dutch physician F.E. Revers published his research on “licorice juice,” then continued experimenting with ways to eliminate the side effects of using the whole root.

He discovered that the naturally occurring compound responsible for licorice root’s sweetness, glycyrrhizic acid (glycyrrhizin), was also responsible for the side effects.* When used over time, this compound has been shown to produce an abnormal increase in cortisol, which can lead to electrolyte imbalance and high blood pressure. By 1952, he had successfully removed glycyrrhizin – creating the world’s first deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) for all of the soothing benefits without the added risks.

Here’s a look at how DGL works, which digestive concerns are best-suited for DGL and why Enzymedica’s new DGL Stomach Soothe Gummies are the ideal format.*

How DGL Repairs and Offers Relief*
The flavonoids in DGL are responsible for the soothing support in rebuilding and protecting the mucosal lining of the stomach and gut.1

In studies, DGL has been found to increase production of protective mucus in the stomach and esophagus – and it has been proven to be more effective than treatments that simply suppress naturally occurring digestive acids. 2, 3

While there are other treatments for occasional heartburn on the market, DGL works differently, offering calming support.* Other options focus on reducing acid or impacting the pH levels of the digestive tract, both of which pose side effects and risk disrupting the natural process of digestion. In other words, they may, over time, do more harm than good.

Instead, DGL focuses on stimulating the body’s natural defense mechanisms, offering soothing support as the digestive lining rebuilds and takes care of itself.*1

DGL promotes and supports:
• blood flow to the digestive lining*
• healthy levels of protective mucus*
• healthy cell growth and turnover in the GI tract*

Why Gummies are the Perfect Delivery Format
Digestion starts in the mouth, and DGL works best when it has the chance to mix with saliva – swallowing a pill or capsule wouldn’t work. Research suggests DGL promotes the release of naturally occurring compounds that protect and heal the gut lining.* That’s why a gummy is a format is ideal for maximizing the impact of DGL.* While DGL tablets are notoriously chalky, Enzymedica’s DGL Stomach Sooth Gummies have a delicious, smooth German Chocolate flavor with no bitterness or chalkiness.

Each serving of two gummies delivers 200mg of DGL, extracted in a 10:1 process. (DGL has been studied in amounts up to 4g.)

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.