How Telomere Pro™ supports healthy aging*

How Telomere Pro™ supports healthy aging*

The role of telomeres far outweighs their small size. These protective caps sit at the end of strands of DNA, and maintaining their length is a crucial part of healthy aging. Think of them like the caps at the end of a shoelace, preventing the strings from fraying and unraveling. New cells have longer telomeres, while older cells have shorter ones. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter and shorter – until they become too short to sustain the process of division and regrowth, marking the end of that cell’s life cycle.1

While cellular aging is a natural process, we can influence “biological age” by slowing down the rate at which telomeres shorten. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, exercising regularly and managing psychological stress (while avoiding toxins and unhealthy habits) can help. And so can certain combinations of natural compounds. That’s why we developed Telomere Pro™, a two-in-one formula scientifically studied to support healthy aging.*

About Telomere Pro™

Telomerase is an enzyme that influences a cell’s ability to lengthen telomeres and prevent their shortening. Most cells don’t have enough to maintain optimal length, which accelerates the cellular aging process.2,3 Activating telomerase can help maintain telomere length, delaying aging and possibly even reversing tissue degeneration.4

Telomere Pro™ contains vitamin D3 and the blend Telomerin™, which Enzyme Science developed based on a study in the journal Alternative Therapies. (Enzymedica helped fund the research.) After examining several natural compounds, researchers found that certain combinations increased telomerase activity by 51% to 290%, compared with controls.

Telomerin™ blends astragalus root, broccoli seed and rhodiola extracts, all proven ingredients that promote telomerase activity.* The formula helps maintain telomere length to encourage cellular rejuvenation and healthy aging.5* Learn more – because who doesn’t want to age gracefully?  


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