How to Support Patients Dealing with Compromised Tissue(s)*

How to Support Patients Dealing with Compromised Tissue(s)*

Compromised tissue is a normal part of the body’s repair and recovery process – but, for optimal health, the goal is to promote a balance of the formation and activity of free radicals responsible for that compromise. In addition to foundational habits like adequate sleep, a nutrient-dense diet and managing everyday stress, certain enzymes and botanicals can also offer support across a patient’s life span.*

Proteolytic enzymes – including serrapeptase and nattokinase – help break down damaged or dying proteins so they can be cleared from the body.*1, 2 As systemic proteins, they are able to move beyond the digestive system into the bloodstream and tissues, to help support recovery.* Our Thera-blend® technology ensures that enzymes survive throughout the diverse pH levels found in the GI tract, so they can get where they’re needed and get to work.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is an extensively researched endogenous fatty acid amide that belongs to the family of biologically active lipids that are increased by the body to soothe discomfort naturally.*3 Since PEA is a lipid that has a large particle size in its unprocessed state, that can limit its solubility and bioavailability. However, ultra-micronized PEA has been processed using an air-jet milling technique. Both its particle size and purity are then confirmed. Research shows that, in animal studies, this form of PEA has a “superior” action.4,5

Curcumin, the yellow pigment of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.), is one of the best investigated ingredients in the supplement industry, but it shows very poor oral absorption. Meriva® Phytosome is a patented formulation of curcumin made with sunflower-derived phosphatidylcholine. Phytosome® technology improves the bioavailability by offering a higher stability and oral absorption in comparison with unformulated curcumin.6

2 formulas, 2 ways to support compromised tissue*

Our MyoMend® formula is a high-potency therapeutic formula that includes serrapeptase, nattokinase and the bioflavonoid rutin.*7 This blend of proteolytic enzymes to support physical recovery, including joint and muscle function.* Each targeted-delivery capsule helps break down damaged proteins to speed recovery and promote flexibility and mobility.*   

(PEA)+  combines ultra-micronized PEA (the clinically proven superior form) with the well-researched, patented and highly bioavailable curcumin, Meriva® Phytosome. (PEA)+ relieves stress, soreness and discomfort associated with occasional pain, stiffness and compromised tissue function.* It naturally affects the bliss molecule that helps promote joy.*


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