How to Support Women’s Digestive Health Issues*

How to Support Women’s Digestive Health Issues*

Does it seem like more female clients than male clients come to you for help with gastrointestinal symptoms? 

Certain GI issues are more prevalent in women, particularly after menopause. Researchers have noted differences related to sex in both GI and somatic symptoms in individuals experiencing certain digestive issues. And, according to the American College of Gastroenterology, women experience numerous differences throughout the digestive process: 

  • They’re more likely to be “super tasters,” and they are more sensitive to various types of stimulation throughout the GI tract. 
  • Women’s esophageal sphincters squeeze closed more forcefully, especially after drinking fluids, and they are more likely to experience feelings of having a “lump in the throat.” 
  • They secrete less gastric acid, so occasional heartburn may not cause as much damage. 
  • Their stomachs empty of food more slowly, which may explain why more women experience occasional nausea and bloating. 
  • Until their elder years, women’s large intestines also empty more slowly, with less squeeze pressure of the anal sphincter. Additionally, their large intestine is shorter. 

In 2015, researchers suggested that differences in nerve cells within GI tract are responsible for the increased frequency of certain digestive issues. Women may also be more likely than men to discuss GI symptoms with their health care provider. 

In the last few years, the idea that women’s health complaints are not taken as seriously as men’s has gained traction. Understanding these differences can go a long way in building trust with your clients. 

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