How We Measure Enzymes and Why That Matters

How We Measure Enzymes and Why That Matters

Enzymes are the heart and soul of our business. Enzyme Science is the practitioner division of Enzymedica, the enzyme experts since 1998. Using unparalleled standards of quality, we make exceptional formulas for natural digestive health and wellness, sourced from the finest ingredients and validated by science.  

That you trust our products – and use them in your practices – is not something we take lightly. That’s why we measure enzymes the correct way, which you’ll see when you look at any of our Supplement Facts labels. 

Read on to learn more about how enzymes are measured and how to explain enzymatic activity to your clients. 

How Enzymes are Measured

Quality enzymes list the number of units, not their weight. While other supplements list a weight for each ingredient (e.g., milligrams and grams), enzymes should always be measured by activity units. To test enzyme activity units, we use the internationally recognized standard called the Food Chemical Codex. This is a collection of standards for the purity and identity of food ingredients. Each type of enzyme has its own FCC unit activity abbreviation. 

Here is a chart showing the enzymes we use in our products, along with their role(s) and unit of measure. 

Enzyme Name

Unit of Measure


Acid Stable Protease

Spectrophotometric Acid Protease Units (SAPU)

Breaks down protein.


Galactosidase Units (GalU)

Breaks down raw vegetables and legumes (beans, peas and lentils)

Amylase Thera-blend™

Dextrinizing Units (DU)

Breaks down starches (carbohydrates) into smaller sugars

Beta Glucanase

Beta Glucanase Units (BGU)

Helps break down glucose bonds associated with grains (barley, oats, wheat)


Gelatin Digesting Units (GDU)

Breaks down protein. Derived from pineapple


Baker Units (BU/Baker)

Antioxidant that breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen

Cellulase Thera-blend™

Cellulase Units (CU)

Breaks down cellulose to help free nutrients in fruits and vegetables


Dipeptidyl Peptidase Units (DPPU/HUT)

Breaks down protein, especially gluten and casein peptides


Amyloglucosidase Units (AGU)

Works with amylase to break down carbohydrates into glucose units


Hemicellulase Units (HCU)

Helps breaks down hemicellulose (a carbohydrate) found in plant foods


Sumner Units (SU)

Breaks down sucrose into simple sugars (glucose and fructose)


Acid Lactase Units (ALU)

Breaks down lactose (milk sugar)

Lipase Thera-blend™

Federation Internationale Pharmaceutique (FIP)

Breaks down dietary fats*

Maltase (Diastase)

Degrees of Diastatic Power (DP)

Breaks down carbohydrates, malt and grain sugars into glucose


Milligrams (mg)

Breaks down excess mucus*


Fibrinolytic Units (FU)

Breaks down fibrin.* Promotes production of plasmin*


Papain Units (PU)

Breaks down protein. Derived from papaya


Endo Polygalacturonase Units (Endo-PGU)

Breaks down carbohydrates such as pectin found in many fruits and vegetables

Protease Thera-blend™

Hemoglobin Units on a Tyrosine Basis (HUT)

Breaks down protein


Phytase Units (FTU)

Breaks down phytic acid in plants, grains and legumes and helps with mineral absorption*

Serratiopeptidase (aka Serrapeptase)

Serratiopeptidase Units/Serrapeptase Units (SPU/SU)

Breaks down proteins, fibrin and mucus*

Superoxide Dismutase

International Units (IU)

Provides antioxidant defense by inactivating excess free radicals*


Xylanase Units (XU)

Breaks down soluble fiber


What to Know about Our Supplements Facts Labels

Below is the Supplement Facts label for Critical Digestion™, our highest-potency enzyme and probiotic formula.* You’ll see that we’ve included enzymes to target all macronutrients, as well as gluten, complex carbohydrates and fiber. 

We list the activity units for each enzyme. You’ll also notice what’s not included in this non-GMO vegetarian supplement: No egg, dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato and artificial colors and flavors. 

Additionally, our Thera-blend™ technology sets us apart from other brands. The Thera-blend process is scientifically designed to ensure our enzymes remain active across the broad pH range found in the human body. Instead of including a single protease, amylase, cellulase or lipase enzyme, we blend multiple variants that work synergistically.