Natural, Non-Drowsy Support for Seasonal Irritants*

Natural, Non-Drowsy Support for Seasonal Irritants*

Spring is a time of year when seasonal irritants seem to be their most irritating. The body is primed and ready to respond, producing excess mucus to help flush out those unwanted irritants that find us outside and indoors.

Your clients are likely familiar with enzymes for digestive support, but they don’t often know that other enzymes can go beyond the GI tract to offer support for environmental challenges, the immune system and more.*

This time of year, enzymes can help clear out that excess mucus – without the side effects that other options might have.

Read on to learn about Allerase® and MucoStop® -- two Enzymedica formulas that offer non-drowsy, natural support for environmental challenges in any season.*

Enzymes Break Down More Than Food 

Digestive enzymes are taken with meals to help break down foods faster (for more energy and better nutrient absorption).

Systemic enzymes are taken between meals on an empty stomach.* This timing is everything: They can go beyond the digestive system, into the bloodstream – and to the specific cells and tissues that need their help.*

Enzymes for Immune System Support & Easy Breathing* 

Enzymes are highly specific in terms of what they act upon and what they do. Proteolytic enzymes break down proteins. But not all proteases can break down all proteins. For example, a protease that effectively digests food protein will not be effective at breaking down mucus protein. To break down mucus, an enzyme that is classified as both proteolytic and mucolytic is required.

Both Allerase and MucoStop include an enzyme that is uniquely able to target excess mucus. Mucolase® is a high-potency mucolytic enzyme, meaning it targets and hydrolyzes excess mucus.* Mucolase assists the body’s natural ability to break down and eliminate excess mucus in the sinus and nasal passages, which may support immune health.* This can lessen the discomforts commonly associated with seasonal or occasional congestion.

Protease and amylase are also included to assist in overcoming the challenges often associated with seasonal or occasional congestion.*

Here’s how the two formulas compare:



  • Promotes healthy respiratory function for any season* 
  • Support for environmental challenges* 
  • Ease discomfort from seasonal, outdoor and indoor irritants* 
  • All-natural and non-drowsy*


  • Enzyme blend formulated to promote easy breathing*
  • Promotes easy breathing from occasional congestion* 
  • All-natural and non-drowsy*
  • High-potency Mucolase® supports the body’s ability to break down and eliminate excess mucus in the sinus and nasal passages*


If your patients are dealing with seasonal challenges, explain to them how enzymes can offer support.* Learn more about Allerase® and MucoStop®.