Support a Healthy Mood Through Healthy Digestion and More*

Change can be hard, especially when the seasons shift. As the days shorten, the sun disappears and the temperatures drop, it can sometimes feel like the weather is in control of our mood. But consuming adequate amounts of nutrients like vitamin D and prioritizing healthy digestion can help support a healthy mood as well as the GI tract.*

Here’s how.

This gut-brain axis goes both ways, between the central and enteric nervous systems. The messages between the two come from the neural, endocrine, immune and other pathways.1 The gut microbiome influences what we eat as well as how we digest it, so what we do to maintain healthy digestion can also help support the well-being of everything else the microbiome influences.  

Ensuring our bodies have adequate amounts of digestive enzymes to properly break down the food we eat can help maintain a balanced micobiome.*2 Supplementing with digestive enzymes can help support digestion by promoting nutrient absorption.*3 Enzyme Science DIGEST GOLD® is a comprehensive digestive formula that provides nutrient absorption and energy production.*

Fish oil supplements can support diversity in the microbiome, for its overall health.* Higher intake of the omegas EPA, DHA and DPA promote microbial diversity and produce improvements in the gut microbiome, such as decreased digestive irritation.*4 Aqua Biome® Fish Oil Classic Strength delivers 1200mg of the optimal omega trilogy blend, including the “forgotten” omega, DPA. Aqua Biome is the first omega-3 blend designed for a healthy microbiome.*

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that supports the body in numerous ways.* It is believed to promote serotonin activity – and when there is less daylight in winter, our bodies may benefit from supplementation.*5 Our newly reformulated Organic Vitamin D3 + K2 supports immune and bone health.* It includes Organic D3 derived from 100% plant-based, non-GMO and sustainable algae.*