Take a natural approach to occasional physiological stress, with MyoMe

Take a natural approach to occasional physiological stress, with MyoMend™*

Physiological stress is a normal (albeit inconvenient) part of the human experience. Aging and daily stressors are sometimes to blame, but so are inactivity and overexertion.* Think of physiological stress as the brain’s way of drawing attention to an area of the body, in the hopes of giving it time to rest, repair and recover.* And it’s quite common: About 20% of all US adults reported feeling physiological stress over a three-month period in the 2019 National Health Interview Survey.1 

Everyday healthy habits can have an impact. Adequate healthy sleep, managing stress, eating a nutrient-rich diet and getting regular physical activity through all stages of life can make a difference. In addition, certain enzymes can offer a natural approach to occasional physiological stress.* 

Here’s how MyoMend™ can support muscle and joint function while accelerating repair and optimizing mobility.* 

How proteolytic enzymes support physical recovery*

Strenuous exercise, work that’s hard on the body and even household tasks like shoveling snow or weeding the garden can lead to physiological stress. So can too much sitting or getting back to the gym after a long break.* The resulting compromise in muscle and joint function then can lead to skipped workouts, reduced productivity and more physiological stress.* Both physically fit adults and those who tend to be inactive can experience this. 

However, proteolytic enzymes – including serrapeptase and nattokinase – work to help break down damaged proteins so they can be cleared from the body.*2,3 These systemic proteins in turn speed up recovery while promoting flexibility and mobility.* 

Our MyoMend® formula includes that pair of vegetarian enzymes as part of a high-potency, therapeutic blend, along with the vital phytochemical rutin. Rutin is a bioflavonoid that’s associated with improvement of physical fatigue.*4 Together, this combination naturally accelerates muscle and tissue repair and promotes optimal wellness.*

Whether someone is an athlete looking to dial in their recovery process ahead of a big race or they’re simply in search of support for muscle and joint function as they age, MyoMend™ offers a natural approach.* 


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