The Benefits of Taking a Fish Oil Supplement*

The Benefits of Taking a Fish Oil Supplement*

Most US adults don’t consume enough omega-3s*, which can affect the heart, vision, joints and even mood.* Omega-3s are an essential fat that must be sourced from food or in supplements. Other fats are stored and used for energy, but omega-3 fatty acids provide fuel for brain health, heart health, mood and digestion.


There are many researched-backed benefits of omega-3s, such as support for:

  • brain health and mood*
  • heart and cardiovascular health*
  • joint health*
  • eye health*
  • the immune system*
  • skin and hair*
  • the gut microbiome*


Fish oil supplements are a common way to consume omega-3s, and they provide concentrated sources of the omega-3 DPA. Consuming DPA offers clear benefits for brain and heart health, as well as for the gut microbiome, where 70% of the immune system resides. The body only makes small amounts – and even a clean, healthy diet doesn’t deliver enough to reap these benefits. Modern life and the average diet strips the gut of essential microbes needed for optimum health.

The National Institutes of Health tested the effects of an omega-3 rich diet that included fish oil supplements. They concluded that fish oil supplements actively contribute to the benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet and similar styles of eating.

Despite these beneficial findings, many fish oils on the market choose to focus solely on the omega-3 EPA, meaning those supplements can’t deliver the health benefits DPA consumption provides. That means it’s important to choose the right omega-3 fish oil supplement.

The healthier your gut microbiome, the better you’ll feel. The perfect blend of omega-3s also helps your gut microbiome flourish.*

Diversity is a key factor associated with a healthy intestinal microbiome. Each good microbial species and strain has its own unique set of benefits, plus they keep negative microbes in check; the more types of beneficial bacteria you have, the more positive effects your body gets.

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids significantly influence microbial diversity in the gut, but not all fish oil supplements can offer optimal support.*

Aqua Biome is formulated using the latest research that supports how higher levels of DHA to EPA lead to a healthier, more diverse microbiome.* Most fish oils on the market favor EPA over all else.

DPA is absorbed 22% better than DHA and EPA, and it helps DHA and EPA absorb up to 54% better.*  By including meaningful amounts of the omega-3 DPA, Aqua Biome adapts to your body’s daily, custom needs. Your body uses DPA as-is or can convert it to DHA or EPA – serving as a storage reservoir for both. Learn more about what makes Aqua Biome different, with the missing omega (DPA) and an optimal blend that every person’s body can “customize.”