The Surprising Benefits of ACV

The Surprising Benefits of ACV

In its unfiltered state, apple cider vinegar is known for offering a number of health benefits, from support for digestion to metabolism and healthy weight management.* But did you know that apple cider vinegar can also offer support for the immune system?* This benefit sometimes comes as a surprise. Read on to learn how “ACV” is connected to the immune system.*

About 70% to 80% of the immune cells are present in the gut, so the digestive system’s well-being is connected to that of the immune system.*1 Promoting a healthy balance of intestinal microflora (aka the good bugs in our gut) is important for overall health, including the immune system and digestive regularity. Apple cider vinegar’s digestive benefits support the health of gut microflora.*

Organic acids found in vinegars – including the acetic acid and lactic acid found in abundance in apple cider vinegar – can easily pass through cell membranes.2 Recent research has shown that apple cider vinegar promotes a healthy balance of intestinal organisms, likely due to that high acetic acid content.*3,4

Not all apple cider vinegar will contain the same amount of acetic and other acids. Look for supplements that include “the Mother,” a collection of polyphenolic and other beneficial compounds.

Enzyme Science Apple Cider Vinegar contains “the Mother” in an easy-to-take capsule form. This convenient format eliminates the bad taste and any possible damage to tooth enamel (that could be caused by the liquid form).


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