The Unique Candidase Pro Formulation

The Unique Candidase Pro Formulation

The natural ingredients in Candidase Pro™ help in maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora, which inhibits Candida overgrowth.* This scientifically formulated blend of carefully selected ingredients can help break down yeast cells and provide support for the digestive and immune systems.

The unique Candidase Pro™ formula includes 70,000 CU of Cellulase Thera-blend™, delivering multiple strains of cellulase to help break down yeast cell walls. Cellulase is the only digestive enzyme that the body does not produce, and it is necessary for breaking down the cellulose in cell walls. Cellulase Thera-blend™ enzymes work throughout the digestive system, in acidic, neutral and alkaline environments.  

To digest the proteins in the candida yeast walls and inside the cells themselves, Candidase Pro™ includes 230,000 HUT of Protease Thera-blend™, a patented blend of enzymes that works in all pH levels throughout the digestive system.

This combination gently cleanses without discomfort.*

To restore and promote a good balance of bacteria in the intestines, 1 billion CFUs of a probiotic blend is included in each dose of Candidase Pro™. These shelf-stable probiotics retain their potency when stored at room temperature.

Broccoli seed extract is also included as a natural source of glucoraphanin, a glucosinolate found naturally in cruciferous vegetables. Glucoraphanin can be hydrolyzed by microflora in the gut to produce sulforaphane, a potent inducer of Phase 2 detoxification enzymes, such as quinone reductase, glucuronyl transferases and glutathione S-transferases. These enzymes trigger antioxidant activity that helps eliminate free radicals and environmental pollutants. Broccoli seed extract also contains natural antioxidants, and there is evidence to support the ability of broccoli seed extract to inhibit the growth of Candida albicans.*

Candidase Pro™ can be added to other efforts to successfully address Candida overgrowth, including dietary and lifestyle changes, such as improved stress management. Addressing the issue in the digestive tract with supportive probiotics, enzymes and broccoli seed extract can help your patients resolve the situation and restore digestive flora balance.