What to Know about the Duality of Lipase Enzymes*

What to Know about the Duality of Lipase Enzymes*

You likely already know that our Lypo Optimize™ formula is a high-potency lipase blend to promote quick and efficient fat digestion.* Each scientifically formulated capsule digests up to 22 grams of dietary fat in 30 minutes.* But did you also know that the same formula can also offer support for the cardiovascular and circulatory system?*

How can one formula do both? It all comes down to timing.

Enzymes with food vs. on an empty stomach

Digestive enzymes are taken with meals to help break down foods faster (for more energy and better nutrient absorption). Systemic enzymes are taken between meals on an empty stomach.* This timing matters: When they don’t have to help break down food, these enzymes can go beyond the digestive system, into the bloodstream – and to the specific cells and tissues that need their help.*

The benefits of Lypo Optimize fall into two categories:

When taken with food

  • Helps relieve indigestion associated with the digestion of dietary fat*
  • Provides unparalleled gallbladder, pancreas, and liver support*
  • Ensures proper absorption of nutrients from food*

When taken on an empty stomach

  • Support for the cardiovascular and circulatory systems*

What does this mean for your practice and your clients? In addition to suggesting Lypo Optimize™ for those with and without gallbladders, to support a ketogenic diet or to relieve occasional indigestion associated with digesting dietary fats, it can also be an option for those who want to support their cardio health.*

By aiding the digestive system, enzyme supplementation takes stress off the gallbladder, liver and pancreas – making it easier to digest foods and ensuring absorption of nutrients.*

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