2 Ways to Promote Healthy Aging*

2 Ways to Promote Healthy Aging*

Many factors influence how a person will age, including genetics, lifestyle and environment. While some components are out of an individual’s control, others are not. Maintaining two things can help promote healthy aging:

  1. Strength
  2. Telomere length*

While the first might be something that your clients understand, the second might come as a surprise, as telomeres aren’t widely understood. Read on to learn about why these two factors are key to vibrant aging.*

Maintaining strength for healthy muscles and bones 

Beginning around age 30, a person’s muscle mass begins to decline. Sarcopenia is a natural process that speeds up even more after age 60, with decreases of 3% to 8% in every decade. Additionally, bone density decreases as the skeletal bones lose mineral content. Connective tissues lose water content and become less elastic, and joint mobility and flexibility decrease.

While aging is responsible for some of these changes, others are the result of inactivity. It is estimated that less than one in 10 US adults exercises regularly, and those over 50 are the least active.

Encouraging clients to implement an exercise routine that’s appropriate for their age and fitness level can maintain not only bone health and muscle mass but also a healthy weight. The best exercise is the type someone will perform regularly and enjoy.

Moderate, lower-impact exercise – like walking, swimming or riding a stationary bike – can help maintain fitness levels.

Integrating bodyweight-bearing exercises like yoga and Pilates or resistance training (such as lifting weights) can offer additional benefits for bones and muscles. 

Finally, remind patients of the importance of nutrition for healthy aging. Consuming adequate protein is especially important older adults.

Maintaining telomere length

Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of DNA strands. Maintaining their length is a crucial part of healthy aging – and avoiding inactivity is one of the best ways to support telomeres.*

A cell’s telomeres get shorter each time it divides, until they become too short to sustain the process of division and regrowth, marking the end of that cell’s life cycle. We think of them like the aglets on a shoelace. They hold a lace together, but over time, they might no longer be able to keep that lace from fraying.

Cellular aging is a natural process, but we can influence “biological age” by slowing down the rate at which telomeres shorten. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, exercising regularly and managing daily psychological stress (while avoiding toxins and unhealthy habits) can help.

And so can certain combinations of natural compounds. That’s why we developed Telomere Pro™, a two-in-one formula scientifically studied to support healthy aging.*

  • Helps maintain telomere length*
  • Increases telomerase activity*
  • Promotes DNA health*

Telomere Pro™ protects your DNA to encourage healthy aging.* Activates telomerase (the enzyme that helps rebuild the telomeres at the end of our DNA strands) to encourage cellular rejuvenation and healthy aging.* It includes Telomerin™ – a synergistic, studied blend of astragalus root, broccoli seed and rhodiola extracts – plus vitamin D3.